My mama, me, and the unforgettable women of a Maasai tribe in Kenya. Finally get to share some of our journey on @Enews tonight! 7/11:30 // Wearing @ravenandlily clothing and jewelry. Photo Cred: @melindadimauro (at Amboselli, Kenya)

Look, Mom. Putting my journalism degree to good use! Mr. @kaepernick7 showing me his abs - I mean, new ink! 💣

Have you eh-ver?!! Loving this not so little Little Black Book of Bronzers from @TooFaced 💕 @themariavee used on me for tonight’s @enews 👏 (at E! Entertainment)

With a few nears and dears gettin World Cup craaaay @rhysyt @kyleboyd22 @dizmihok @awesomeaustinboyd ⚽️⚽️⚽️#arionthelion

Everyone always asks about my tattoo. This design is my reminder to be present. Past, dead and gone. Future, not promised. No man was more fully engaged in the NOW than my dad. Eyes up. Ears open. Little did I know then that this ink would live on in your memory. #StanSadler #Teacher